KARACHI - A heated exchange between Javed Miandad and Shahid Afridi appeared to be cooling down Tuesday after Miandad 'forgave' Afridi, but the former T20 skipper hit back saying he would challenge the cricket great's allegations in court if not withdrawn.

The tussle began when Miandad alleged that Afridi wanted to play a farewell match for money.

Rebuffing Miandad's claims, the former Pakistan T20 captain launched an attack on the former Test captain and said: "Money has always been an issue for Miandad." Soon after Miandad told a TV channel on Tuesday that he would "forgive" Shahid Afridi, the flamboyant all-rounder took to Twitter, questioning whether the cricket great had "withdrawn his allegations".

"Javed Bhai has pardoned me? Thanks, But has he withdrawn his allegations, what has he got to say to that?" questioned the 36-year-old.

In a series of tweets, Afridi asked Miandad to withdraw his allegations or he would "have to seek answer and justice to clear my reputation in court".

Miandad earlier said, "Shahid Afridi's statement disheartened me but I pray for him... Being an elder, I forgive him."

Afridi, responding to Miandad's statement tweeted: "I want to stress that I have great respect for Javed Bhai he is our hero, our legend, he's my mentor too. I'll never lose regard for him." He added, "Nothing matters more to me then playing for my country with pride, no one can accuse me of selling my country."

Wasim calls for 'mediation'

Fast-bowling legend Wasim Akram called for "appropriate mediation" in the war of words between the former skippers. Akram on Twitter said it was "really sad" to see the altercation between the veteran cricketers, adding that the situation called for a quick resolution "instead of this unwanted chaos".

"Javed Bhai and Shahid mean a lot to me and to Pakistan," he wrote. “The stones being thrown between 2 very respected cricketers calls for quick resolve by appropriate mediation instead of this unwanted chaos,” tweeted Wasim.

Reportedly, Former Pakistan captain Wasim has also contacted veteran all-rounder Afridi in attempts to resolve his differences with legendary batsman Miandad and gave him a chance to rapprochement. Wasim, who captained both players during his illustrious career, said that both Shahid and Miandad are greats of the game and have won Pakistan many games and trophies. He also asserted that they have mutual respect, and that their exchange was merely in the heat of the moment.