ISLAMABAD - A meeting of the Council of Common Interests is likely to be called next month to decide the fate of Employees Old-Age Benefits Institution and other important matters.

Prime Minister Imran Khan with consultation of the provinces might take decision to devolve the EOBI and the Workers Welfare Fund (WWF) to the provinces or retain current status of the organisations.

The reconstituted CCI, in its first meeting (held last month) chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan, had formed a special committee to formulate recommendations on devolution of EOBI and the WWF to the provinces.

The committee had held a meeting with the provinces and most of the recommendations were in favour of devolution of the bodies to the provinces, sources said.

They argued that ‘trans-provincial’ and ‘migratory workers’ issues could be resolved with the devolution of the bodies.

However, Minister for Inter-Provincial Coordination Dr Fehmida Mirza had asked the provinces to hold another meeting (on Tuesday, October 16) with them and share some concrete reasons for devolving the bodies, which would then be shared with the upcoming CCI.

When contacted, Dr Fehmida Mirza, also a member of the CCI, said that recommendations of the committee would be shared in the upcoming CCI meeting. “The CCI will take final decision on EOBI’s status,” said the minister mentioning that Prime Minister Imran Khan will thoroughly discuss the matter with the provinces in the light of recommendations of the committee.

The matter, the minister said, should now amicably be resolved as it is pending for last several years.

The next CCI meeting, sources said, is also likely to discuss the inter-provincial matters including distributions of water. The upcoming meeting will also review progress on the decisions made in the previous CCI meeting including the mechanism for cleanliness drive. The meeting will also discuss the strategy for uniform higher education system across the country.

The council, in its previous meeting, had directed the Higher Education Commission to finalise its recommendations within a month. The council had also directed the commission to devise a strategy for uplift of educational institutions as well as better coordination between the centre and the provinces.