LAHORE - Another youth fell victim to the 'negligence of health authorities, breathing his last in a miserable manner after being bitten by a stray dog and later developing rabies. Despite huge struggle, he failed to get anti-rabies vaccination from any public or private hospital of the Gujranwala district. Muhammad Akbar, 29, was resident of Mohala Misterian, near Sardar Family Hospital, GT Road, Gujranwala. He was married around 14 months ago. He became father of a baby girl whose age was just 45 days. Talking to The Nation Akbar's younger brother Muhammad Shahid narrated the horrible tale of his brother's last moments of his life. He said some minutes before his death, Akbar took his newborn baby girl in his arms and kissed her forehead perhaps last time in his life and then burst into tears. Akbar then sought apologize from his newly wed wife saying her to forgive him for not fulfilling his promise he had made with her to become her companion the whole of his life.   "Death is approaching me fast and I could not do much to provide my family the necessary facilities", Akbar told his wife and minor daughter. Incident of dog bite: The unlucky youth was unaware of the bad time which entered into his life around 40 days when he was returning to his home from his job at night. Just at the distance of some hundred yards away from to his home, a stray dog attacked him and bit him. Negligence on the part of authorities concerned: It was a matter of great concern that the Punjab health department and city governments were committing 'criminal negligence' for not providing anti-rabies vaccination at the public hospitals of different cities of the province especially in the far-flung areas where the incidents of dog-bite are on the rise putting the lives of many people at risk. A hospital source said that anti-rabies vaccination was not available at the Gujranwala Civil Hospital for the last two months. Gujranwala public hospital's negative role: Akbar immediately reached at the Civil Hospital Gujranwala and told the on duty doctor about the incident of dog-bite. Keeping in dark the victim youth, the health provider (doctor) treated him with a tetanus injection only instead of anti-rabies vaccination, which was not available in the hospital. He then asked him to go back to home saying that the minor wound at his finger would not be dangerous for his life. On asking, the doctor also told him that there was no need to get complete course of anti-rabies injection and advised him to stay at home without any fear. The youth came back to his home after the doctor put bandage on his wound. He told the whole incident when his wife asked him about the injury on his finger.   After 38 days:  Muhammad Akbar felt some trouble at his chest and informed his family that he was feeling some difficulty in taking breath. His condition then went critical when on September 3, he told his wife again about serious his suffocation. How victim and his family remain pillar to post: Early morning on the same day, Akbar's elder brother Muhammad Afzal took him to the emergency department of the Civil Hospital Gujranwala where the doctors examined him and disclosed that the fatal disease rabies had developed in his body. The doctors then advised to take the patient immediately to Lahore's big hospitals to save his life. Afzal then took him to the Mayo Hospital Lahore where doctors used delaying tactics and patient was referred from one doctor to the another in the emergency department of the Mayo Hospital. On the agitation of the victim's brother, doctors referred the patient to the Punjab Institute of Mental Health (PIMH). When he took Akbar to the emergency department of the PIMH, the doctors expressed their anger over the decision of Mayo Hospital's doctors to refer the patient at PIMH saying that it was not the case of their hospital and then referred the patient to the Services Hospital Lahore. Afzal, who had become furious for making him and his younger brother rolling stone between one hospital to another, burst into tears when his brother was again referred to the Services Hospital instead of stepping up efforts to save the life of his dying brother. On reaching the Services Hospital, he recorded his strong agitation to draw the attention of the doctors towards deteriorating condition of his brother. Resultantly, the doctors of the said hospital gave Akbar an injection and after finding no improvement treated the patient with another injection but to no avail. The doctors finally advised Afzal to take back his brother to home saying that there is no need to do more efforts, as the disease was incurable. Statement of Guranwala hospital's management: Talking to The Nation Medical Superintendent Civil Hospital Gujranwala Dr Ali Muhammad Shah said that the hospital was facing acute shortage of anti-rabies vaccination due to suspension of supply from Islamabad. About the negligence of the hospital's doctor who administered tetanus injection instead of anti-rabies vaccination, he said that though his complaint was serious but now an Additional Medical Superintendent (AMS) Dr Capt (R ) Mukhtar has been given additional assignment of dealing the dog-bite cases and he has also been given an office exclusively to provide treatment to the patients. To a query, he said the city district government's department concerned was also equally responsible for the death of the youth, as they were not discharging their duties properly to kill the stray dogs, which is evident from the fact that the number of dog-bite cases are on the rise.