In South Asian history 'Bachcha Saqqa' whose real name was Nazzam and who was a waterman is well known for his one day rule. After death of great Mughal Emperor Akbar, his son and successor Hamayun was made to flee from the capital by his adversaries. On the way he came across a river that was in high flood. Hamayun could not cross it on his own. Nazzam helped Hamayun by making him lie down on his water bag which he pulled across the river. When Hamayun regained his rule Nazzam asked power for a single day in return for what he had done for the emperor in need. During the day Bachcha Saqqa was on the throne. He issued leather pieces of his water bag as legal tender. This is the only event of his one-day rule recorded by history.   Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, a minister in nearly nine year former lackluster Musharraf rule, has claimed that he could end (soul-rending) load shedding, (largely a legacy of the past) in a week in case he was given (political) power just for three days. He did not elaborate how his magic wand would be working for four more days when he lays down the crown just after three days.     Asif Ali Zardari has decided to rule in hell of broken promises than serve in heaven of harmony and keeping pledges. Even while Musharraf was still occupying presidency, Zardari had foretold that the day was not far off when a 'Jiyala' would be sitting in Aiwan-e-Sadr which would resound "Jeevay Bhutto" slogans. This was a partisan approach, which did not go well with the Head of State who represents the unity of the Republic. At that time his coalition had thought there was no harm in 'Jiyala' becoming President after deposed independent Judges were reinstated in Pre-November three position and Seventeenth Amendment had been dispensed with. This was not to be. With Seventeenth Amendment still being on the statute book the new President would be another Musharraf. Shortly after death of Benazir, Zardari took control of the Peoples Party, led it into election victory, invoking Benazir's memory and capitalizing on the public grief. After having grabbed the party leadership, Zardari sidelined almost all of his wife's top aides and advisers from her party. According to British newspaper the Sunday Times the People's Party members of the National Assembly pledged their loyalty to him in an atmosphere of competitive sycophancy. But behind the scenes, party stalwarts are angry at the way her closest aides have been humiliated and alarmed that her political legacy is being betrayed. Asif Ali Zardari's election as President will formally acknowledge him as the country's most powerful man. Yet deed controversies he is involved in has made his security all the more problematic.  He had to shift to the Prime Minister House weeks before the Presidential election. He steered his electioneering from the ivory tower. Questions about Zardari's suitability for the office of President, which according to the constitution shall represent the unity of the Republic, deepened after Swiss Government said it was releasing some of his bank accounts containing 60 million US dollars. Swiss judge who originally investigated corruption allegations against Asif Ali Zardari has reportedly stated the dropping of the case should not be interpreted as a sign of Zardari's innocence. Judge Daniel Devaud expressed 'shock' over the Swiss action which followed Pakistan's Attorney General's notification to the Swiss that he was no longer investigating Zardari. He said "politely put it, it is hard to say there was nothing in the files to indicate corruption". The probe should have continued even if Pakistan was no longer interested in pursuing the case, judge added. To become "symbol of unity of the Republic" Asif Ali Zardari owes it to the people to take them into confidence as to the sources of his income to amass so much wealth. Information Minister Sherry Rehman has held out a veiled threat to media to behave in their own interest. She said the media were taking to sensationalising to attract public attention. The media should abide by rules and regulations. She asked them to adhere to the law in respect of coverage of officially banned organizations. The doors of negotiations with those indulging in 'terrorist' activities and their backers had already been closed. After making the statement she retreated to ivory tower. A bullet proof Mercedes has been allocated for her use. The Advisor on Interior had warned her that she was on the hit list of "Religious Fanatics" since she was too much vocal against them. American newspaper The New York Times has claimed that in the secret meeting between Pakistan Army Chief of Staff Gen Ashfaq Pervez Kayani and US Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Michael Mullen views were exchanged about posting of American forces in Fata. Whether the report was correct or not, the national interests demand that parliament, may be in camera session, be taken into confidence as to what transpired at the meeting. The Pak-US relations be discussed threadbare by public representatives to delineate future course of action. Russian President has said unipolar world is no longer acceptable. It needs to be transformed into multi-polar world. America may need Bachcha Saqqa to tide over her adversity and to boost up its collapsing credit. The people of Pakistan and its state institutions should not lend their shoulder for the purpose.