KARACHI - By sacking more than 3,500 daily wagers, the Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) has flouted the clear orders of Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani. After taking vote of confidence, the Prime Minister had announced that the employees working on daily wages would be provided permanent jobs and their minimum salary would be fixed Rs6,000/-. But the KESC administration has mocked this promise of the Prime Minister by terminating contracts of 3,500 employees on Wednesday, although in the past their contracts were renewed every year. The bleak situation continues in the company as the new management has refused to take responsibility of daily wage employees. Under the circumstances, KESC was not able to pay salaries to these daily wage employees, who were being sacked, owing to financial constraints. "They are not expelled, media is highlighting this issue in a wrong way. The contract with these employees ended on June 30 this year. So, how can they be expelled?" commented an official of the company, responsible to provide daily wage employees to the KESC. It must be noted here that these employees has been working for the company for the last several years and their contracts were renewed time to time. The issue emerged after the non-payment of their salaries. Due to their wrenched condition, the company has not paid the dues to these contractors since the last 3 months. The amount to be paid by the KESC is Rs40.5 million.  It is worth mentioning here that these people were being paid 4 to 5 thousand per month per head while the KESC hires them through contractor on cheaper salaries. On the other hand, KESC official said that these daily wage employees were workers of the contracting company and not of the KESC. So, KESC is in no way responsible for their expulsion. "The KESC has not sacked any of its own contract employees", said the official, adding that if their dues were not being cleared, there must be some negligence form the contractor. The daily wagers are not the only victims of KESC as the contractors, who are provide vehicles to the company are facing same situation. They alleged that KESC has not paid their own dues for the last 5 months and, consequently, they have stopped their services services for the company. Meanwhile, prolonged and unscheduled loadshedding continued in the city creating serious problems for the masses.