ISLAMABAD - Contrary to the observance of Juma prayer on the standard Islamic timings that are observed in the twin cities, the management of National University of Modern languages (NUML) has prescribed its own timings for Juma prayer. The students and some officials of NUML told TheNation that Juma prayer in the facility is being observed at 1: 45 pm, that is in stark contrast with the standard Juma timings of 2:30 pm to 3 pm, being observed in rest of the city. The students maintained that according to Ramzan schedule, the morning educational session of the university ends at 12 pm, whereas, the evening session starts at 2 pm. The students of the morning session can easily manage to offer Juma prayer. Majority of the students of NUML, both morning evening session, arrive NUML campus in university buses. The students of evening shift barely manage to reach the university at around 1:50 pm or 1:55 pm on transportation facility provided by NUML. Hence, they are prone to miss the Juma prayer, which is being held at 1: 45 pm since the beginning of the holy month of Ramazan. Moreover, students have to attend their classes immediately as soon as they reach the campus. Thus leaving them with no other option but to miss the Juma prayer. The students can be given a 15 minutes break to offer prayer and that must held at  2:30 pm instead of 1.45 pm, suggested the students. In the wake of present circumstances, it is impossible for over 90 percent of the students to offer Juma prayer which is totally unjst, remarked a student of Persian language. If a student cannot offer Juma prayer even in Ramzan, than what other option does he have other than to stay home to offer Friday prayers instead of attending classes", remarked a student of English Department. The fact that the prescribed timings are against the standard timings of Juma prayers carries weight. "Other than the fact that these timings does not facilitate the students, the observance of Juma at the said timings is not followed anywhere", said another student of English Certificate. Ordinarily, it is observed that the timings for Zuhr Sala'at are observed at around 1:30pm to 2 pm. " Offering Juma prayer is a special occasion in general and particularly during the month of Ramazan .. Observing Juma on the routine timings of Zuhr prayer is simply unjustified", added a clerk from the university's administration. Some scholars of Hanfi sect when contacted, informed that the standard timings for Juma prayer in the current season are between 2:30 pm to 3 pm. Where as Zuhr prayer can be offered  between 1:30 to 2 pm. "To offer Juma prayer on the timings of Zuhr prayer is not appropriate" added one such scholar. " Other than some particular individual cases, the Juma prayers at mosques must be offered in accordance with rest of the citiy timings", he added. Some senior officials of NUML when contacted said that the decision of offering Juma prayers at 1: 45 pm in the varsity has been taken in the 'Best interest' of the students. However, they failed to explain as to what 'Best interest' does it served in offering Juma prayers on the said timings, particularly when these timings are in conflict with the class timings of the students.