LAHORE - The Chaudhrys plan to put up a show of their parliamentary strength in days to come in a bid to demonstrate that the most of PML-Q members, engaged in hobnobbing with PML-N are back in its fold. The minimum target of any such a show will be the participation of 50-plus members of Punjab Assembly. The result of presidential election showed that PML-Q is left with only 36 members in Punjab, while remaining have either gone to PPP or PML-N folds. The efforts are geared up for showing its parliamentary strength that included its present 36 members and at least 15 of those who recently have assured their support to PML-N and voted for its presidential candidate. The PML-N has a thin 15 members majority in the Punjab as was evident from presidential election. The PML-N needs 186 members to sustain the Punjab government while it has at the moment the backing of 201 which shows the difference of 15 members mostly from PML-Q forward bloc blowing hot and cold these days. The first priority of the Chaudhrys will be to win back these 15 members. Meanwhile, both Opposition Leader Ch Pervaiz Elahi and President PML-Q Shujaat Hussain are back in action. They have started contacting the estranged PML-Q members included in the forward bloc, which will be instrumental in any political change in the Punjab. Some members of the forward bloc also met Chaudhrys at their residence. A female MPA Zobia Rabab who was present in the Iftar dinner hosted by Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif the other day met both the Chaudhrys to contradict the reports of her joining PML-N. In the meeting, she promised to stand by the PML-Q whenever the need be. Some members of forward block who joined PPP have also contacted the Chaudhrys. The PPP leaders assured the PML-Q leaders that from now onwards, they will not make any further dent in the parliamentary strength of PML-Q. It is learnt that Moonis Elahi so far figured quite prominently in all the contacts made between the Chaudhrys and Punjab Governor Salman Taseer. He is likely to get an important assignment in the eventuality of a change in the present set-up. He was also present in the meeting between Shujaat and Pervaiz Elahi with Salman Taseer the other day. In this meeting, it is learnt, the PML-Q has once again been offered to join the coalition government both in the Centre and Punjab. The sources concerned say that the PPP had earlier offered the PML-Q five ministries in Punjab and a portfolio of senior minister in a deal in which the PML-Q was to withdraw Mushahid from the presidential race. Sources privy to the latest contacts between the two parties maintain that both PPP and PML-Q have reached an understanding to join hands with each other. The leaders from both sides are considering different strategies with regard to the Punjab politics. Advisor to Prime Minister Manzoor Watto also held meetings with Punjab Governor, PPP leaders and members of forward block from PML-Q.