LAHORE - President of Punjab Government Schools Senior Staff Association, Hafiz Abdul Nasir has said that due to negligence of officers of the Punjab Management and Information Unit (PMIU) and the Punjab Text Book Board, thousands of the students are yet deprived of their books, which government has announced to distribute them free. Hafiz Abdul Nasir and Dr Shabir Ahmad Sipra claimed that despite passing more than one month it was astonishing that so many students were deprived of their books. They claimed that in certain classes students could get one or two books so far while in others not a single book was delivered to the students. They said that the books supplied to the students were also of substandard quality as their printing and paper used were of poor quality. They said that it was the situation being faced by the students of Lahore and one could imagine very easily that what would be the situation in the other districts of the province. They were of the view that as the government has shortened the educational session of the students and shortage of the books would cause irreparable loss to the students. They claimed that Punjab government has imposed emergency in education department and has set a target to send every child to school and shortage of books was also affecting government's plan. Hafiz said that in case of failing to achieve the fixed targets, the bureaucrats would hold teachers responsible for failure but it was very old and unfair tradition and now it should be ended they demanded. Both the leaders demanded the Chief Minister Punjab to hold an inquiry into the matter and responsible should be held in accordance with law.