ISLAMABAD-The first-ever of its kind in Pakistan, Auto Disposable Syringes Plant is going to be inaugurated by the Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani today (Friday).The imitative on establishing the plant for production of such type of syringes has been taken by a local phrama company named Amson Vaccines and Pharma (Pvt) Ltd. These special syringes have a unique mechanism of self-lock and wreckage, making the reuse of these syringes next to impossible, said Business and Coordination Manager of the Company Dr Amir Mahmood while addressing a press conference. He opined that the production of such kind of syringes in a country like Pakistan would help controlling the diseases like hepatitis and AIDS as reuse of infected syringes in Pakistan is on the rise ,resulting in transmitting dangerous diseases like hepatitis and AIDs among masses. Initially the plant will produce 300 million syringes annually whereas the syringe demand in Pakistan stands around 2 billion annually. While elaborating the functioning of this auto disable syringe, he said "contrary to the use of conventional syringe, when this auto disable syringe would be taken out of from human body its needle would break thus it cannot be reused next time".    So far the cost of the syringe has not determined by the company but it is being expected that its price would be a little more than the market rate of the conventional syringe available in Pakistan ,he maintained. While citing WHO statistics, he said that due to the reuse of syringes annually 21 million cases of hepatitis B, 2 million cases of hepatitis C and 0.2 million cases of Aids are being reported worldwide. Business and Coordination Manager of the Company Dr Amir Mahmood said production of auto disposable syringes was an old demand in Pakistan but our company has become pioneer for taking the imitative. Amson is also pioneer producing hepatitis B and Tetanus Toxoid vaccines in country he added. He said the manufacturing of auto disposable syringes will help to control the spread of fatal disease like hepatitis B, C and AIDs in the public beside contributing to the economic growth of the country by making it self sufficient syringes and vaccine production he added.