KRACHI - IGI Funds Limited, the Asset Management Company of IGI Financial Services and Packages Group, has signed a Trust Deed for the launch of the 'IGI Pak Brunei Income Plus Fund'. Speaking at the occasion, Javed Hassan, CEO of IGI Funds said, "We are confident in signing this Trust Deed as the scheme seeks to provide investors with steady income stream by investing in high quality Fixed Income Instruments comprising, money market and other available fixed alternatives to achieve higher returns relative to risk. Ayesha Aziz, Managing Director of Pak Brunei Investment Company Ltd ("PBIC") said "traditional fixed income investment avenues available in Pakistani market have been giving comparatively lower returns to the market risk. At the same time, the volatility in the debt markets have resulted in investors looking for investment avenues that can deliver consistent returns over medium and long term tenors. The new Income Plus Fund offers a unique product that blends stability of return with aggressive fixed income investment solutions; it is an ideal option for investors who are looking for competitive returns as well as cope with rising inflation."