LAHORE-Renowned director Sarmad Khoosat is set to release his new film Zindagi Tamasha, which will be screened at the Busan International Film Festival, held annually in Haeundae-gu, Busan, South Korea.

The festival will take place on 3 Oct and continue till 12 Oct. His debut film Manto was greatly appreciated and received global critical and commercial acclaim. The movie stars Arif Hassan, Samiya Mumtaz, Eman Suleman and Ali Kureishi.

Sarmad will also create a unique screen appearance and most of the film will be shot in Punjabi.

Renowned actor Saba Qamar also congratulated the director for his work.

Writing on Instagram, Saba wrote: “Sarmad you are more like a family than a friend and I am super proud of you that you don’t make movies to make money.”

She added: “Reiterating the film-maker’s inclination towards creativity without paying heed to financial incentives. You make movies to contribute into the industry and you make them with your heart and soul.”