The Indian news publication, The Times of India, has reported of a confrontation between Chinese and Indian soldiers along the border in Ladakh.

According to the report, Indian and Chinese troops clashed just after dawn in the Pangong Tso area of the border, a part of Ladakh that extends to China, just as India was preparing to conduct a new battlefield tactic in what it is calling "national war games". 

“Indian soldiers were on a patrol when they were confronted by People's Liberation Army soldiers, who strongly objected to their presence in the area. This led to a scuffle between the rival soldiers," a source told TOI.

In August 2017, Indian and Chinese soldiers were reported to have clashed in the same area, when stones and iron rods were used by the Indian troops to fight the Chinese. That came at a time India and China were already embroiled in another border dispute, in which China claimed territory that the state of Bhutan claimed for itself. India was intervening to defend Bhutan's claim, initiating a stand-off between the neighbors that lasted from June to August of 2017. A racist segment on Chinese state media, called the "Seven Sins of India", was aired in China to stoke anti-Indian sentiment. 

China is paying close attention to the current situation in Jammu and Kashmir, Beijing's foreign minister told the Pakistani leadership during meetings between the two countries' representatives earlier in September.

China and Pakistan have renewed their focus on enhancing strategic mutual trust and improving all-round cooperation so as to jointly promote regional peace, stability and prosperity in the wake of Indian aggression in occupied Kashmir, suggest reports.