LAHORE-Featuring Saboor Aly and Kinza Hashmi in the lead roles, ‘Gul-o-Gulzar’ is an interesting drama serial on-air these days and has attained a lot of appreciation of the viewers.

Based on the twisted story of Gul and Gulzar, who share a strong bond of friendship, the story is all about how a manipulative and envious friend can be a bane of existence for someone else.

The story dynamics, the direction, and the dialogues all have been really good in the serial, but it is Saboor Aly’s performance that has stood out. She has been impressive since the first episode and has truly made Gul-o-Gulzara treat to tune in to.

The story of Gul-o-Gulzar revolves around the two lead characters’ lives.

Gulzar, played by the beautiful Kinza Hashmi is simple and trusts her friend Gulz blindly. On the other hand, Gul, played brilliantly by Saboor Aly, is a clever, greedy, and selfish girl who can go to any means to achieve her dreams.

She marries off the person who was interested in Gulzar, steals jewelry from Gulzar’s home and then also tries to create problems in her married life by showing her how perfect a life she has.

Recent episodes of the drama serial have further taken the story forward in both Gul and Gulzar’s life, but it focused more on how Gul’s life wasn’t as perfect as she pretended before others, especially Gulzar.

The canny girl who is dazzled with Adil’s splendor and modern lifestyle also has to bear his abusive behavior. Adil beats her every now and then whenever anything angers him, and while she has got all the luxuries in life that she had dreamt of, she is also insulted frequently by Adil. On the other hand, Gulzar has got a loving and caring life partner and a motherly figure as a mother-in-law, yet she is not happy and satisfied with her circumstances just because she believes that her friend has got better things and a perfect life going for her, as Gul has never missed a chance to boast about it to her.

While Kinza Hashmi also does complete justice to her character, but it is Saboor Aly who steals the show with her effortless portrayal of Gul.

Gul’s character has a lot to offer and there are different shades to her personality, and Saboor Aly brings them all out convincingly.