Prime Minister’s intention to launch countrywide literacy movement to improve the standard of education and to increase enrolment rate, deserve appreciation. This is a long awaited initiative. There is no doubt that it is the state’s duty to provide free and compulsory education to the masses. Moreover, it is a constitutional obligation of the government. PML-N is already taking steps for the improving of education in Punjab. It is expected that other provinces would also follow the example and would take concrete measures to ensure quality education.

It is quite encouraging to note that our Prime Minister has pledged to increase budget for education from two percent to four percent of GDP in coming four years. Besides, he has also called for priority for female education. It is expected that these good intentions would be followed by practical steps to translate the vision into reality. Implementation of reforms in education would be a challenge and most people are hopefull that PML-N would be able to handle it.


Lahore, April 7.