The federal government is taking steps to reform the civil service. It is known fact that our present bureaucratic system is colonial and the civil service is not working for the welfare of the people but only serves them, they rule and dictate to the common man rather than serve. I would like to present a suggestion to improve the quality of civil service. The present system of recruitment and selection is done by federal and provincial public service commissions. Due to the changes in the administrative management, during the last three decades, and the IT changing the mode of communication, the use of both latest management system and IT can improve the working of the civil servants.

The present establishment division and public service commission should be replaced with Pakistan Human Resources Authority, which should work independently to recruit and select on merits the civil servants according to the job requirements. There should be an independent third party conducting computerized tests, judging the suitability and capabilities of the candidates. The present system has only attracted qualified doctors and engineers to become police officers due to discretionary powers given to the civil servants, without any accountability. It is need of the hour to have such civil servants who are able to uphold the moral values of honesty, dedication and commitment to implement such policies which are for the welfare of the people and not to become personal servants to politicians. It is time that our police force, foreign services and other specialized services had their own human resources department, working under the Pakistan Human Resources Authority.


Lahore, March 1.