We have all noticed that the new traffic wardens, who have been recruited are very strict in following rules by imposing fines for breaking the law. If they see any driver breaking the law, irrespective of how large a car or expensive a car, he/she, is driving they pull them over and fine them. I haven’t seen them asking for bribes, which implies that their salaries are high, so they do not need to ask for bribes. What I want to know is, why not raise the standards of a policeman and give him a high salary so that they also refrains from taking bribes and facilitation criminals?

I am sure if this is done and they are held accountable for any crime happening in their area, they will soon mend their ways. I have heard many claim that they have become addicted to taking bribes and no amount of increase in salary will stop them. But I am a pessimist and believe that there is so much good in all of us. Let’s give them a chance and inform them that the people want to trust them and respect them, maybe we can change their attitude.


Lahore, April 10.