Youth has always been a revolutionary force. It is a precious asset of a nation going through hard time. Youth of a nation can do wonders if trained, educated and informed to lead properly. Stimulant is what the youngsters of our country need right now. All the ongoing negativity is just transitory and our youth knows how to encounter social unevenness, class differences and related problems. Don’t lose hope. Challenges always make one stronger. Technology cannot be interchanged with the brain and its ideas; creativity is what takes you ahead. I have observed the spark in the eyes of this generation, the spark to struggle and the desire to move forward.

Students need to reset their priorities and broaden their vision through reading and time management. Youth of today is vulnerable to many external influences. The individual youth, at the level of its own individual entity needs to create a balance between his internal dynamics and external influences. Pakistan is a resourceful country, being the richest in the human capital. Youth comprises the major portion of the demography in Pakistan. An educated and well informed youth can revive the present state of restlessness in the country. The youth has miraculous capabilities; which can help attain a course of success, prosperity and progress. Youth in Pakistan, specially the privileged, educated and well-informed part of the society; through all measures can shun intolerance and help prevail peace and prosperity in the society.


Karachi, April 10.