islamabad - An effective parent-teacher partnership can make a considerable difference in child’s education, while parents’ well-planned involvement in children’s education can make a big difference.

Parents-teacher conferences were held at Roots Millennium Schools across the country with great enthusiasm, says a press release issued here on Sunday. The theme of these parents teacher conferences was ‘Science and Space’.

Millennials were excited and beaming with confidence as they informed parents about global climate change, the green house effect, oceans and more. They were found knowledgeable about earth, the solar system, and universe and displayed their projects and findings through slideshows and interactive games. To emphasize on the same, teachers also helped Millennials in presenting different projects using various softwares. Projects on weather, satellite meteorology, big bang, current space missions and the new world atlas remained popular amongst the parental community. Mobile hangings, connecting classrooms; everything was just apt and according to the theme. Young, vibrant and enthusiastic Millennials were glad to show off their hard work to the parents.

Parents Teacher Conference at this hour was kept to focus on the weaknesses of the students and to work in collaboration to provide academic help and support. The main aim was to make parents aware of the strategies that they should adapt in order to fulfil the educational and academic needs of their child in order to help their children score good in the final term examination. Cent percent parental satisfaction was seen and the feedback given by the parents was very positive.

CEO Roots Millennium Schools Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq TI, while addressing the parents in the campuses stated that education plays pivotal role in the transformation of people into a well-balanced society.  The main objective of these midterm parents-teachers conferences is an interface on the combined role of the school and the parents in moulding successful future citizens. Parent-teacher conferences are an opportunity to establish better communication between parents and teachers. Since children are different at home and in school, parent-teacher conferences enable both the parent and the teacher to gain a better understanding of the child, enabling them to be more effective in helping him or her. When parents and teachers work together to try and provide the best environment for learning, the child stands to benefit the most.

One of the parents who attended the PTC said that it went better than she expected. “The teaching staff did an excellent job of preparing the student folders, planning for grade-specific activities and presenting the data. I appreciate their hard work,” she said.