RAWALPINDI: At least nine suspects were arrested by police during search operation on late Tuesday night.

According to police sources, door to door search operation was carried out in Pothohar and Rawal Town areas of Rawalpindi. 45 residents of the area were checked for their identification documents. 9 of the residents were arrested for failing to provide the complete necessary identification documents.

The search operation was conducted in areas of airport police station, City, Pir Wadhai, West Ridge and New Town.

Officials of the Special Branch also participated in the search operation .

 Many people who already arrested by police on suspicions and later released after investigation across the district alleged that police took them along with to police stations in the pretext of integrations and later released them after receiving some money as bribe without proper investigation. They said that corruption in the police department in the name of search operation for hunting terrorists is increasing with the passage of time.