Sarosh Rao


The electioneering for AJK Legislative Assembly polls by the political parties, intending candidates and their supporters has begun with enthusiasm across Azad Jammu Kashmir.

Azad Jammu Kashmir Legislative Assembly elections will be held by July 24 this year. The incumbent 49-seat AJK Legislative Assembly is being expired on July 25 this year after completing its stipulated five year term.

Various political parties are joining heads to make electoral alliances and to field the joint candidates in the elections to 49-seat Legislative Assembly. Only PML-N has so far announced to contest the election in individual capacity, without making electoral alliance for the polls.

It has announced to field its candidates on all 41 seats of the assembly for direct polls. Five seats are reserved for women and three meant for the technocrats one each reserved for overseas Kashmiris and Ulema/Mashaikh and professionals.

Some of the parties including PPP, Muslim Conference, PPAJK, Jamaat-e-Islami, JUP and JKLL are intending to contest the polls under the fold of alliances. They are hectically engaged to each other to reach to formation of the alliance coupled with the specific intention to get maximum share of seats for fielding their respective candidates under the proposed alliances.

Besides, various political parties and hundreds of independent candidates are also girding their lions to jump into the arena to fight in the polls with their respective manifestos comprising tall claims of diverting their all energies and resources, on coming to power, for the betterment and welfare of the society.

Besides, various political parties including People’s Party, All Jammu Kashmir Muslim Conference, Jamaat-e-Islami, Jammu & Kashmir Peoples Party, MQM, Jammu & Kashmir Liberation League, several small political organisations and groups in the AJK state are preparing for reaching into the electoral alliances to fight against the rival parties and independent candidates.

The prominent political parties actively engaged in the massive electioneering appeared on the scene so far include Pakistan People’s Party, PML (N), Jammu Kashmir Peoples Party, Jammu Kashmir Liberation League, Jammu Kashmir Plebiscite Front, Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front and Jammu Kashmir National Liberation Front.

The aspirants have started running pillar to post the secretariats and authoritative leadership of their respective parties to get party tickets for contesting the elections.

At the same time, certain candidates belonging to various parties, smelling denial of the party tickets by their parent organisations in the elections, are establishing hidden links with other reputed political parties to fetch their backing for contesting the polls.

Various political parties, prepared for contesting the elections, have summoned the meetings of their respective parliamentary boards to nominate their respective candidates - after thoroughly going through the applications of the candidates aspirants of the party mandates, which have already reached to various parties head offices for contesting the elections.

The aspirant candidates belonging to various parties as well as independent candidates have launched their respective election campaign in their respective electoral constituencies waving attractive commitments to attract and muster the support of the voters. The candidates are also engaged in holding preliminary corner meetings within four-walled premises in the wake of the recently-launched election campaign.