ISLAMABAD - Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) Chairman Maulana Mohammad Khan Shirani said that the council had prepared a draft bill for protection of children against all sorts of abuses, right from the day of their birth to attaining the age of puberty.

Addressing a press conference on conclusion of two-day session of CII yesterday, the chairman said that they have done the job which actually would be the responsibility of the legislatures.

Elaborating the salient features of the draft bill which would be sent to the government for consideration Maulana Shirani said that they have tried to protect the children of all ages, right from the day of a birth of a child till his attaining the age of puberty, from all sorts of abuses and rights violations. “We have put the things in order in the light of Articles 31 to 35 of the constitution,” he added.

To a question, he said that both the women rights bills of the Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa governments were rotten and most of its clauses were repugnant to Islamic injunctions asking both these governments to come up with fresh drafts of these bills which should be prepared in the light of Article 237 of the constitution otherwise the council would prepare such a draft to give proper protection to women and address their problems in the ever-changing world using its powers under Article 229 of the constitution.

The CII chairman said that under the constitution the role of the council is advisory in nature and they could not impose anything on government and could only give direction to it and help facilitate the governments in doing legislations in harmony with the Islamic injunctions.

He further said that the body would continue its job of surveillance on the legislations going on in provincial and federal legislatures so that no law could be made in contradiction of the fundamentals of Islam.

To another question about the efficacy of the CII Maulana Shirani said that the body was formed as per the act of Parliament and those having any objection on it should move the bill against it in the Parliament.

He further informed that it was also decided in the two-day session that besides expanding the Research Wing of the body a number of international desks of the body should also be made so that the changes taking place all over the world could be monitored in more effective fashion.

He regretted that people here blindly follow the West and its dictates right or wrong on so many issues but when they (CII) had given decision on DNA the people have raised hue and cry against the council without taking into account the decision which was very much in the line of Quran and Sunnah.

He further informed that the council has also decided to forward its proceedings and recommendations to the government from its next session whereas it had been the practice of the body to keep abreast the government with its working and recommendations from time to time.