The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf intra-party elections have been postponed for a ‘bigger cause’ and there is no rift among the party leadership at any tier.

The PTI party workers should not heed the rumours and be united to work for strengthening the party, Punjab PTI Chief Organiser Ch Muhammad Sarwar declared here on Tuesday.

Addressing a party workers convention here, the former governor said that intra-party elections would strengthen the PTI and after this practice, it would emerge as the biggest political democratic force in the country.

Ch Sarwar said that Imran Khan is future of the country and the rulers have failed to deliver any good to the masses, adding that law and order situation in Punjab has been worsening with each passing day.

“PML-N leadership has been exposed after Panama Leaks disclosure;” he criticised and urged Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to step down and order a transparent investigation into the leaks under the supervision of honorable judge of Supreme Court of Pakistan.

He warned that if their demand for investigation into Panama Leaks is not accepted by the government, they would protest on roads. He asked the party workers and all other political parties to get ready for the ‘biggest cause’.

He pointed out that Panama Leaks have exposed that Sharif family is involved in offshore companies business and they transferred the money through money-laundering.

The former Punjab governor said that PTI would not become a part of any alliance with any corrupt party. Sarwar further said that under the leadership of Imran, the PTI is fighting for the rights of the suppressed people of society.

He said that people of the country are looking towards PTI and Imran, and added that only Imran can pull the country out of the crisis.

He pledged that the PTI would not disappoint the masses after coming into power with their votes. He said that people are badly suffered from inflation, unemployment, bad governance, and they are deprived of basic rights and facilities like health, education and employment.

On the other hand, the rulers are spending Rs200 billion on orange train. He said that after coming in power, PTI would bring back the looted $200 billion from foreign accounts of the corrupt political leaders.

PTI leaders including Mushtaq Anjum, Ehsan Elahi Zaheer, Rana Navidul Hassan, Ch Wasim, Punjab Youth Wing Coordinator Syed Rashid Riaz, Punjab ITF President Col(r) Iqbal Dillo, and former PTI district president also addressed the gathering. Earlier, a large number of PTI workers holding party flags, placards and banners welcomed the PTI leadership with rose petals. They were also chanting slogans in favour of the PTI and its chief Imran Khan.