The Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (Samiul Haq) demanded immediate resignation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif after the Panama Leaks disclosures.

JUI-S spokesman Syed Yousuf Shah said that if a poor person commits a theft or fraud, he is prosecuted and punished. Then why there is silence after the allegations on the prime minister and his family regarding money laundering and offshore companies, he said. In the situation, the prime minister should resign immediately, he demanded.

“Peace has been established in the country but Lahore blast is a challenge for the government,” he said while addressing the media at Madrassa Jamia Karimia in Kamalia. People on the high posts have stepped down in many countries but nothing such has happened in Pakistan, he said. It is important for people of Pakistan to bring back the money looted from the country and that government should be given in the hands of honest persons, he said.

He said that Madaras are raided daily even though no evidence has been found that the seminaries have links with enemies of the state. Criticising the government, he said that despite abundant evidence, the government is reluctant to speak openly against RAW. He said that has been supporting the terrorists fully not only in Pakistan but also in Afghanistan. He asked in the press conference why Prime Minister is not resigning even now that his contacts with RAW have been proved with evidences on newspapers and news channels. He said RAW agents are working in prime minister’s own sugar mills and these agents are given official protocol.

Speaking on Women’s Rights Bill, he took stance that forty religious groups of the country have outright rejected the bill. He added, “We are not anti-women’s rights, however, we do not approve it. It confronts Islamic laws.”