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Reunited and it feels so good! For the first time since Madonna’s vicious custody battle with ex-husband Guy Ritchie, the superstar was spotted building bridges with her teenage son, Rocco. And from the looks of these pictures, the pair seemed very happy to be spending some quality time together. While Madonna, 57, and her son Rocco Ritchie, 15, have certainly had their differences, it’s nothing that a sweet movie date and sleepover can’t fix! While in the midst of a nasty custody battle after divorcing Guy Ritchie, 47, Madonna has FINALLY gotten the opportunity to engage in some major mother-son bonding time. And honestly, they both looked overjoyed to be together at last - SO sweet! After living apart for months when Rocco left his mother’s tour to live with his father, Guy, in London, he finally reunited with his superstar mom on April 11. And it seems as if the pair definitely made up for lost time! Rocco was seen beaming ear-to-ear as Madonna treated the teen to a movie at Electric Cinema in the Notting Hill area. They reportedly saw Batman V Superman, According to the Daily Mail. But not only did the duo enjoy a movie, they also headed back to Madonna’s pad together, no doubt wrapping up a fun, memorable night. We love how Rocco and Madonna have totally seemed to mend their less-than-stellar relationship.

Spending an entire evening together is, after all, a surefire way to set things right again and it looks like it worked!

Madonna even got dolled up for the occasion, busting out her leather, fingerless gloves and gorgeous fur stole by Louis Vuitton. And while Madonna always looks on point, it is obvious that she put extra special effort  into her ensemble that night, which only goes to show how important the evening was for her. It’s absolutely heartwarming that she finally was able to spend some much needed time with her boy.

For those in need of a refresher, Madonna allegedly hadn’t seen Rocco since Christmas due to the harrowing divorce and custody battle with her ex. Madonna even reportedly hired a private investigator to keep tabs on her son while he was out of her care. Wow, there’s definitely no stopping this lioness mother when it comes to protecting and seeing her child.