LAHORE - Punjab Assembly yesterday unanimously passed a resolution, demanding the federal government of reconstitution of Pakistan Cricket Board.

The House also carried another resolution for announcing relief package for Punjab farmers who suffered loss of their wheat, corn and hey crops due to intense hail-storming and torrential rains in recent days.

Pakistan cricket team, in the last T20 World Cup held in India, performed so poorly that it could not qualify even for the semi finals. Following which a hot debate triggered at the official and the public level to fix responsibility and the dominant view was reconstitution of the Board which had two tiers at the head of chairman and chief executive respectively, to run the Board affairs.

It was observed by the experts that a tug of war has been unleashed between the two departments of the same Board which derailed proper selection of the players and cost defeat to the team.

The House has now called for setting up a new board for this game which is the most popular entertainment of millions of Pakistanis.

Two other resolutions were passed by the House for incorporating research programme in the subject of Mass Communication at university level across the province to train the students on the skill to project soft image of the country internationally.

Another resolution sought complete ban on running unauthorised medical stores.

The session, chaired by Speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal Khan, once again passed through the same commotion that has been its feature over the past many days over the Panama leaks issue.

The Opposition, this time round, intensified its protest and sloganeering in the House after decision of the PTI to go all out against the government to push up the demand for resignation of the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif after three of his children have been named in the leaks to have been operating the off shore companies.

The Opposition accuses the ruling family of holding the off-shore concerns for channelizing the black money accrued from tax evasion on their money in the country, to the banks abroad and thus causing loss of billions to the national kitty.

It also builds the case against the PM on the premise that he did not come clean on the off shore companies before the Election Commission at the time of filing the nomination papers for the May 2013 polls.

Rejecting decision of the government to get the matter probed through a retired judge of the Supreme Court, the PTI calls for investigation by the Chief Justice of Pakistan accompanied by a forensic expert and auditor of the international eminence.

During Tuesday’s session, the House witnessed pandemonium created by the laud exchange of slogans by the Treasury and the Opposition against the leadership of each other after the Leader of the Opposition Mian Mahmoodur Rashid was not allowed by the chair to take up out of turn his motion he had filed to the office earlier for debate on the leaks issue.

He said the country was facing humiliation at the international level after these wires have named the PM family members. He wanted his motion to be debated on in view of the seriousness of the matter but the chair flatly refused him grant of the request which led the Opposition to chant slogans of ‘Go-Nawaz Go’.

It provoked the Treasury but their women to retaliate with slogans against Imran Khan and therein they also roped in the Sita White scandal.

Later, when the joint Opposition stepped in front of the Speaker’s podium and raised slogans and subsequently held a sit-in, the Treasury men and women also came all out to counter attack of the deafening slogans of the Opposition.

Both the sides locked horns for quite some time and the Opposition retrieved to the benches when a Treasury member throw currency notes on their laps.

Sensing the fact it was the private members day when they had to marshal the proceedings and had their resolutions on agenda, they remained short of staging walk out and rejoined the proceedings.

The House, in the zero hour proceedings, heard a motion of the Treasury MPA Sheikh Allauddin which grumbled the police action and arrest of the branch managers of various banks and exchange companies on the pretext of poor security arrangements.

Sheikh said the financial institutions could not be ignorant of the proper security through CCTV camera, alarm, security guards etc. as such the police action on the branch managers was nothing but undue harassment and a conspiracy to the ruin the financial sector which was paying billions of rupees in taxes to the government.

The Parliamentary Secretary on Home replied to the complaint which could not satisfy the member.

On it, Law Minister Rana Sana Ullah Khan told the House that not all but certain branches had been detected not following adequate security as the CCTV cameras installed have been found either out of order or of poor quality while guards also not trained. He invited the member to Cabinet Committee on Law and Order which will hear his complain and redress the same.

Earlier the House took questions on the Revenue and Colonies department Punjab.

Further proceedings of the House will start at 10am today (Wednesday).