The Federal Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar has stated that Prime Minister has left for the UK for a medical checkup, not for any secret meetings.

While addressing a press conference he told the media that PM got a heart operation a few years back from London, which went terribly wrong and took a long time to cure

“Being sick has become a crime for some individuals in this country. Even so-called intellectuals are saying some cheap things,” he said. “Doctors had been advising the PM over a treatment for a long time but he was ignoring it due to his busy schedule. The PM has been getting a check up from time to time in London and now doctors have advised him to get immediate treatment.”

Nisar said the PM is staying in London for a week because doctors have advised him to rest for three days. “Our politics have reached a new low where people even pass comments on others’ illness,” he said.

While talking about the Panama Leaks , Nisar said that it’s an issue that concerns the PM’s sons and they will deal with it. “As a representative of government, I am giving guarantee that ruling party is ready to do anything to investigate this issue and reveal all the aspects of these leaks. But in context of these allegations, everyone has to be patient to ensure justice.”

Nisar said the ruling party is banning their own ministers over allegations against other parties.

“After the leaks, PM Nawaz was the first one to establish a Judicial Commission while other world leaders called it fake and a bundle of lies,” Nisar said. “If he wanted to hide anything, then he would have not taken this step.”

The Interior Minister confirmed that many high-profile judges have declined the offer to head the commission.

“For the commission we contacted honorable judges of Supreme Court including Justice Nasir ul Mulk Jusitce Tassaduq Jillani, and Justice Tanveer, who have the highest reputation among the masses,” he said. “Some of them asked for time, while some apologized and refused to be a part of this case. This was mainly because of the ruckus created, which they don’t want to be a part of. This is the main reason behind the delay in establishing this commission.

“Imran Khan also gave the name of a former FIA officer, but he is not under my authority. He is not a part of FIA now. We are ready to investigate through FIA and the opposition has the right to name any officer of the agency.”

Nisar said the opposition has not reached consensus over a single name, adding that the government will allocate whoever the opposition earmarks.

“The business of PM family is in place since pre-Partition. It was because of political circumstances, especially during the Musharraf era, that PM Nawaz decided that his sons will do business abroad,” Nisar said. “The main question is whether any money went overseas from Pakistan for their business, and this needs to be investigated. Furthermore it should also be investigated whether any corruption was involved.”

While calling out Imran Khan, the Interior Minister said that if investigation is conducted against the Sharif family, then the PTI chief’s close companions should also be investigated. “Laws are not only for the Sharif family. If this is a case of corruption, then people with Imran Khan are also corrupt and even their names are in Panama Leaks .”

While talking about the issue of arranging a public gathering in Islamabad, Nisar stated that D-Chowk and Red Zone is completely off limits. “I have received an application from PTI to conduct a rally at F-9 Park and I am ready to discuss this with Imran Khan. We will give permission on the condition that the rally being arranged at the point will stay in defined boundaries and will not come out of it. In case that happens, then steps will be taken to counter it. And if there is any causality or loss, then the organizers will be responsible.”

Nisar told the media that he will be travelling to Germany tomorrow because of family medical emergency and for participating in a UN summit regarding Drug control. “Pakistan holds an important status in controlling drug trafficking, so my participation is necessary in the summit,” Nisar said.