ISLAMABAD - Before departing for London on Wednesday (today) Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has completed consultations with his legal and political aides at his Raiwind residence.

Sources in the government and ruling Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) disclosed that Prime Minister Sharif and other members of his family were under tremendous stress but at the same time the leadership was determined to tackle the issue boldly and would not show any weakness on any count in the face of Opposition parties demands be it constitution of probe commission under Chief Justice of Pakistan or stepping down of the prime minister.

Sources in the ruling PML-N rubbished the idea of stepping down of the prime minister, adding that such an option never even figured during the past three or four days marathon deliberations on the issue.

The government would carry forward with its plan of formation of a probe commission under the head of a retired judge of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and forensic audit of the matter as per the Opposition parties demand.

The probe commission could be announced in next couple of days as all formalities and consultations on the issue were completed by the party leadership in the light of the recommendations and options given by the legal team.

PML-N sources said that the prime minister would be back in a week or he may extend his stay in London on the advice of doctors for a few more days, but would not relinquish the post of prime minister under any circumstances.

Giving information about the deliberations on the issue, the sources said that so far Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has failed to soften the PPP leadership on the issue especially the hostile press conference of Federal Interior Minister Monday targeting the central leaders of PPP added fuel to the fire and made the task harder for Ishaq Dar considered to be a sheet anchor for the party.

Ruling out the meeting of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif with former president and PPPP President Asif Ali Zardari in London, a senior PML-N leader said that although the latter was also in London these days but could not be of any support or help to Nawaz Sharif.

After getting disappointed by the cold response from the PPP leadership here, which claimed that they were toeing the party policy, the spokesman of prime minister came up with a denial to any scheduled meeting between Nawaz Sharif and PPPP President Asif Ali Zardari in London.

“The prime minister did not express the desire to meet PPP leadership during his upcoming London visit,” spokesman Mussadek Malik said in a statement. The spokesman said no such meeting was scheduled.

Sharif is leaving for London Wednesday for medical check-up, he concluded.

Credible sources in PPP informed that the tough line the party has taken against the government over Panama Papers revelations was all with the approval of Asif Ali Zardari as he wanted to settle some old scores with Sharifs to whom he had shown ample laxity in the past in the name of politics of reconciliation and consensus.

These sources said that it was Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his party which had abandoned the Charter of Democracy and now it is not at all obligatory on PPP leadership to follow it. Now all what PPP would do is to safeguard democracy and not the Sharifs, the sources added.

These sources said that PPP, though would not join politics of agitation, but at the same time would not withdraw from the demand of constitution of probe commission under the head of Chief Justice of Pakistan or any other sitting judge and forensic audit of the whole affair.