In a Defence Ministry briefing today, Defence Secretary Lt Gen (R) Alam Khattak said RAW is interfering in Pakistan through its three consulates in Afghanistan, Waqt News reported.

According to the secretary, Indian intelligence agency RAW is operating through consulates in Qandahar, Mazar Sharif and Jalalabad.

“The Indian agency has also established a special desk regarding CPEC,” he said.

The Defence Secretary was echoing the worlds of COAS General Raheel Sharif who said that RAW was trying to destablise Pakistan while addressing a seminar on CPEC in Gwadar yesterday.

The COAS, while briefing the seminar about the positives of the project, also discussed the gravity of the prevailing challenges faced by the country with respect to CPEC.

“I must highlight that India, our immediate neighbor, has openly challenged this development initiative. We all know that hostile intelligence agencies are averse to this grand project.

“I would like to make a special reference to Indian Intelligence Agency, RAW, that is blatantly involved in destabilizing Pakistan. Let me make it clear that we will not allow anyone to create impediments and turbulence in any part of Pakistan,” said General Raheel.

In this context the arrest of RAW agent Kulbhushan Yadav from Pak-Iran border in Balochistan carries a lot of significance.

According to his statement given in a video, Yadav confessed he was in Pakistan to aggravate insurgency in Balochistan.

China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) – whose western route passes through Balochistan with Gwadar port its terminal point – is said to be a crucial target of Indian intelligence agency.

Pakistan has raised the issue on International level of Indian interference in Pakistan’s internal issues on numerous occasions.