rawalpindi - The city traffic police faced resistance during its operation against encroachments as the traders and shopkeepers staged a massive protest on Benazir Bhutto Road against the decision of the city traffic police to ban all kinds of parking on the road.

The protestors said that they are perturbed over the ban, saying the decision had started affecting their business as no customer could park vehicles on the road.

While chanting slogans against police, the traders blocked road near Benazir Bhutto Hospital for almost three hours. This led to a massive traffic jam on the busiest road of the city. The protestors also burnt tyres and demanded temporary parking facility on both sides of the road.

Talking to media persons, Haji Sherzaman, a traders’ representative said, “We favoured police action against encroachers but putting a ban on parking is something that is unacceptable.” He noted that the ban would not solve problem of traffic congestion on the road. He said that shoppers and customers visit markets situated along the road in their vehicles and they had to park on the roadside for some time. He said that the ban would badly affect the business of traders on the BB Road.

The representative of the traders said that they ended their protest after negotiations with Senior Superintendent of Police (Operations) Karamat Ullah Malik. He said the police officer asked them to discuss the issue with the district coordination officer on Thursday. He said that after assurances by the SSP, they ended their protest.

On the other hand, Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Shoaib Khurram Janbaz said that police took action against the encroachers and illegal parking on Benazir Bhutto Road.

He said the protest by the traders created problems for the commuters and general public. He said that common man in street appreciated police for keeping the traffic flow smooth on Benazir Bhutto Road.

He said that action against encroachment would continue and no one would be allowed to park vehicles on Benazir Bhutto Road.