Two unidentified dacoits were killed by their five accomplices who fled away here at Pulli 32 in the Phoolnagar Saddr Police precincts on Tuesday.

According to Kasur DPO Ali Nasir Rizvi, one Usman made a call on helpline 15 that he along with his friend was going towards Changa Manga from Jambar. When they reached near 32 Pulli in the Phoolnagar Saddr Police remit, seven dacoits, riding three motorcycles, intercepted them. He informed the police that the dacoits bound them hand and foot after snatching Rs83,000, two cellphones and other documents. The DPO claimed that after the robbery, the dacoits started distribution of the booty. In the meanwhile, a rift cropped up among them and they started exchanging hot words which resulted in exchange of fire. The police said that during the bloody armed scuffle, two dacoits got injured while five others fled the scene. The DPO quoted the caller as saying that he (caller) and his friend got themselves released and called the police. The police rushed to the spot and found two dacoits dead. The police recovered a Kalashnikov and a pistol along with Rs22,000. The police shifted the dead bodies to hospital for autopsy and started investigation top ascertain identity of the accused.