LOS ANGELES - Gigi Hadid almost ‘’blacked out’’ from nerves during her first Tommy Hilfiger runway show. The 22-year-old model has collaborated with the designer on four sell-out collections after being announced as the brand’s global ambassador in 2015 but her nerves were so intense she forgot the iconic moment she walked down the runway to take a final bow alongside Tommy after her first collection debuted. Speaking to her friend Blake Lively for the new issue of America’s Harper’s Bazaar magazine, she said: ‘’I was so nervous, I almost blacked out. I don’t even remember walking out or taking my first bow as a designer.’’ Although she won’t be designing any more clothing collections with Tommy Hilfiger, she is always on the lookout for new ways to channel her creativity in ‘’weird’’ ways and is considering branching out into wedding planning. She said: ‘’I’m always looking for new opportunities. My manager regularly asks, ‘Hey, any new, weird ideas for this month?’ And then I start talking about how I could design a wedding.’’

The blonde beauty has walked for some of the biggest designers in the fashion industry, including Fendi, Chanel and Versace and has her pick of the most stylish outfits, but growing up she chose to wear one of her mum’s- model Yolanda Hadid - old dresses to her high school prom and even rocked a pair of her shoes to the event.

She explained: ‘’I never bought a prom dress; I just went in my mom’s closet. We wear the same size shoe and dress, so it was major.

‘’In Malibu, we wore short dresses to prom because it’s a beach town. The gown situation wasn’t really our thing.’’

And she credits her mum with helping her to succeed in the modelling world by giving her advice on how to make her voice heard if she doesn’t agree with something.

She said: ‘’[My mum] always said that with any photographer, no matter who it is, you can speak up if you’re uncomfortable. And I’ve done that. Obviously, when I was younger, there were times where, you know, things happen quickly on the set. Someone will all of a sudden say, ‘Oh, you wouldn’t mind ...’ It’s about learning your power and knowing when to protect yourself.’’