PESHAWAR - Dozens of gun-totting militants were killed and more than 40 houses destroyed as a result of clashes between Taliban of Baitullah Mehsud group and those loyal to the pro-government tribal leader Malik Turkistan Betani. As per details, the clashes started when scores of Taliban militants from Baitullah Mehsud attacked the supporters of Malik Turikistan Betani in village Shoza in Soor Ghar area in Frontier regions connecting South Waziristan Agency and Tank district of NWFP late on Wednesday night. The Taliban militants used modern and sophisticated weapons against the Betani tribesmen and their supporters. As per unconfirmed reports, around 70 persons from both the sides were killed. Around 40 houses owned by supporters of Malik Turikistan Betani were also destroyed. The killed and the injured included women and children. Malik Turikistan Betani when contacted confirmed the clashes, saying Baitullah Mehsud group militants had attacked the houses of his relatives in Soor Ghar area. He claimed that the attack was so far repulsed but a large number of people from both the sides were killed. He, however, was unable to give exact figures in this respect. The local people informed that security situation in the area was tightened whereas gunship helicopters were also used to bring the situation under control. Malik Turikistani Betani has shown disappointment over the role of security forces. He said that amidst presence of two brigades of the armed forces, frequent attacks against him and his supporters is surprising. It was the second attack against Malik Turikistan Betani in a period of one week by militants from Baitullah Mehsud.