LAHORE - The Lahore High Court on Wednesday stopped the sale of national flags carrying pictures of different eminent personalities, cartoons and inscriptions, and sought reply today (Thursday) from the Punjab government. The court passed this order on the petition of a citizen, Shakeela Rana, who had approached the court seeking directions to protect the sanctity of national flag. She pointed out the national flag has a specified size and colours. Neither a picture nor an inscription could be printed on it. But the national flags adorned with pictures of different personalities and cartoons are available on every nook and corner of the City. Moreover, trousers and clothes printed with national flags are also being sold in markets. She said all this unpleasant stuff was being sold unchecked in the markets in violation of the sanctity of national flag. She said the nation was going to celebrate its 63rd independence day but have not learnt to observe the sanctity of their national flag. She argued the pictures of different personalities would only represent different sections of society while the national flag is the symbol of unity of whole nation including all minorities. She also pointed out that buntings of national flags of different colours are on the sale in the whole City but the government had not taken any action against them. He said these buntings could be prepared with the use of green and white colours because national flag is made of only the two colours. She prayed the court to stop the sale of national flags to protect its sanctity. The court after hearing preliminary arguments issued a stay order and sought replies from the Punjab government and the DCO Lahore. It is pertinent to mention that the Punjab government made out no strategy to implement the courts order as the sale of all kind of flags was going on in the City even after the courts order.