Pakistan Peoples Party Secretary Information Fouzia Wahab said PPPs Government removed former dictator Pervez Musharraf through a proper and transparent process by seeking resolutions from the provincial assemblies of the country against him. Talking to a private news channel she said that PPPs led elected Government did not believe in the political victimization against anyone. PPP faced number of political cases in the past but it never practiced political victimization against any party, whenever it came to the ruling position, she added. Fouzia said PPP considered democracy as best revenge against dictatorial regimes and, had always adopted reconciliation policy with all the political groups of the country. To a question she said that comprehensive strategy was needed for revival of Pakistani film industry and no steps were taken in the past. Fouzia said, thousand of people related to film industry are facing un-employment. She was of the view that culture shown in Indian movies and dramas have no link with Pakistans culture.