Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani on Thursday vowed to hold the next years independence day celebrations outside the parliament and reiterated his strong committment to make national institutions strong. Speaking in the National Assembly, which commemorated the 63rd independence day, Prime Minister Gilani said it will be in line with the supremacy of this house that next year the national flag will be fluttered at the parliament house. Prior to the start of the house proceedings, which were suspended to celebrate the independence day, the national anthem was played in the house and a Qari led prayers for Pakistans security and sovereignty. Prime Minister Gilani said it was a practice in the past that Prime Minister along with the chairman Senate and Speaker National Assembly would attend independence day celebrations in front of the parliament house but regretted that it was no more so due to security concerns. The Prime Minister recalled that it was a tradition to invite a head of the state or the government for August 14 celebrations. He paid tributes to the valiant struggle of Quaid-e-Azam and all those who played their part in the creation of Pakistan. I would pay tribute to all those who were instrumental in creation of Pakistan and those who worked to strengthen democracy in the country. He said that the political workers waged a struggle against dictatorship in the country for which they were sent to jail and lashed, but never bowed before the forces of tyranny. The Prime Minister said that this parliament is a God-gifted opportunity. This house has unity and we need to bring all our issues in the house and make this institution strong. If this house failed then I dont see any other parliament so strong that it can protect your rights. The Prime Minister stressing the need for making national institutions strong, said that judiciary through a long struggle has made itself independent for which it deserves all praise. About media, he said, it was facing a lot of criticism but hoped that with the process of evolution it will get mature. He said the role of the media should be to embarras the government. And nobody should mind it because they point out our shortcomings, he added. Prime Minister Gilani urged the parliamentarians to also make their institution strong. It should be so strong that no dictator in future will dare cast an evil eye on the parliament. He said the parliamentarians, who are privileged to be representing 170 million people of Pakistan, should strive to change the system and not merely the prime ministers. You should change the destiny of this nation and change the system. The system will only change once the masses feel a positive change in their lives, he stated.