Khyber medical university Peshawar is being run by a very competent clinician and administrator, but the ETEA test is being held on Wednesday August 12 in a hurry and haste, with no justification. While keeping in view that no Intermediate Board has announced its result so far, many students registered for the test may not be successful when the Inter Board results are declared. The other hurdle is the monsoon rains, which are at its peak and very unpredictable. Out of 22000 registered students 14000 students will appear in Peshawar, and nearly 4000 in Swat Centre. In both centres the test will held in open spaces, such as playgrounds, in hot and humid weather. If the same test is scheduled on a holiday then, it can be arranged in the many auditoriums, halls and classrooms of the University of Peshawar. How can the students from Chitral, which is badly hit by flooding will reach the test centres located outside Chitral? The students of Kurram Agency, North and South Waziristan have to travel and stay in hotels, and yet, there is so much uncertainty over the date.

Thousands of students, particularly females, will be accompanied by their parents or guardian on test day, to facilitate such parents the test must be held on Sunday so that the parents/guardian do not miss their official duties. With application of modern technology the test results will be available within 24 hours. So the feverish haste in conducting this test in uncertain and unfavourable circumstances is open to question. The student fee for the same entrance test conducted in Punjab is PKR 500 while fee is PKR 16OO in KPK is another question to be answered by the authorities. There is no justification to conduct this test earlier than first week of September.


Kurram Agency, August 2.