LAHORE: The upcoming film ‘Parwaaz Hai Junoon’ released its fourth official song video ‘Main Urra’. The song has been composed, produced, written and executed by Shuja Haider.

The zealous and powerful video highlights the message of patriotism and tribute to the Pakistani Air Force which brings a rush of adrenaline to the viewer.

Featuring Hamza Ali Abbasi greeting his fellow pilots, he embarks on his fighter jet on a mission yet to be seen and experienced.

There are missiles fires and explosions highlighting the production value of this extravaganza in all its glory.

We also see Hania Aamir staring into the sky as she hopes to become part of the team of pilots, which is yet to be unraveled on its release date. Shaz Khan is also seen in the song fighting terrorists.

The fighter jets and intensity of over ground production has etched out the action adventure feel of the film for the masses, making Parwaaz Hai Junoon the first of its kind.