ISLAMABAD - A thousand-year-old Chinese tradition of brewing a right cup of tea and serve it in a manner to create ambiance of particular culture was showcased at Chinese Tea Culture Programme, which was arranged by Confucius Institute Islamabad (CII) at National University of Modern Languages (Numl).

Ms Li Yanping, a popular Chinese Tea expert, was the lady who displayed the blending and brewing the tea for a certain taste and aroma masterly before a big gathering of the event. The event was attended by the Director General (DG) Brig Azam Jamal, Dr Zhang Daojian, Head of Confucius Institute, officials from Chinese embassy, faculty members of CII, Roots International and others who enjoyed slurping and sipping six kinds of traditional hot fresh tea namely black tea, dark tea, white tea, yellow, green tea, and Oolong tea.

Li Yanping, who has been engaged in the research of tea culture for last 20 years and represented at Tea Expo at platform of United Nations and a visiting professor in many international institutions, explained the season, region, size of leaves, proper-tea ware, and complementary flavour with reference to the tradition of tea making in China.

Yanping said, "A perfect cup of tea is one that is shared with others, one that satisfies your thirst when you are thirsty, stimulates and inspires you when you are running low on energy and one that soothes the angst of daily life." She said, "Tea is not pouring something into your belly rather it is a life, health, tradition, a culture, a recreation and persona that you cherish each time you experience it. In China there is a range of tea and the each kind of tea is associated with tradition, celebration, event and served to omen you health, happiness and prosperity in your life," she added.

Speaking at the occasion DG Brig Azam Jamal appreciated the Chinese tea flavours, charter, the fascinating history of the Chinese tea culture saying that such rare experience help students and learners of Chinese language to enhance their understanding about Chinese culture and language. CII at NUML offers a unique platform for all Chinese loving people to come at enjoy distinct world information, knowledge and exploration, he added.  

In the end DG Brig Azam Jamal presented university shield to Li Yanping and Chinese foods were served to the guests.