Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has said that the economic position of Pakistan has improved as compared to the last year.

He said this while talking to a group of Parliamentarians from Sahiwal Division and Multan Division in Islamabad on Friday.

The Prime Minister said last year the GDP growth for July-September was 2.9% while this year it is 5.1%.

He said we want to take GDP rate to 7% in next four years.

The Prime Minister said that the decision of status of GSP plus is an example of the Government's endeavors to change the track of economy from aid to trade. Apart from textile it will also benefit other sectors like leather industry.

He said Asian Development Bank's decision to invest in Jamshoro coal power plant will also pave way for investment in Gadani coal power project. This will have a positive impact on our economy and we will be able to achieve energy targets within 3-4 years.

Nawaz Sharif also explained the newly launched Youth Business loan Scheme and said it it will benefit around three million people in its first phase.

He said that certain people are raising concerns on this project that youth will waste the loan as they have no experience.

The Prime Minister said that this does not mean that we should not initiate any new scheme.

He said that youth of this nation are more responsible and he believes that they will utilize the loan in effective manner.

He told that Banks have been giving large loans to big industrialists‚ but now we also need to trust and invest in Small and Medium Enterprises.

He said that SMEs are the back bone of USA‚ Japan and German economy. He said this was the promise of our election campaign and we have proved that we keep our promises.

Addressing the Parliamentarians the Prime Minister said that the Electricity problem has seen some relief due to payment of the circular debt and by taking administrative measures and rectifying the issues. But this problem cannot be solved overnight and needs constant efforts. We have made long term as well as short term plans to overcome energy shortages.

About terrorism he said the Government has chosen the path of dialogue according to the decision taken in All Parties Conference and expressed hope that the dialogue will bear fruit.

He told that the operation in Karachi is being carried out successfully adding that we have made necessary legislation to bring the culprits before the law so that they can be held for their misdeeds.

The Parliamentarians showed confidence in the leadership of Nawaz Sharif and said that the revolutionary steps taken by the Prime Minister would change the destiny of the country. They also discussed political matters relating to their constituencies.