Technology has taken over our lives and has turned us into lonely and isolated islands. There was a time when families gathered around the dining table, where they would share the day’s happening which has now been replaced by the ‘idiot box’ were all members of the family eat with their eyes glued to the screen. Teenagers share more with social media rather than family members.

But the entry of cell phone in our lives has further alienated people from one another. Messaging and listening to songs or just surfing the net has replaced animated discussions among students and friends. Our children have been exposed to colourful phones and their variety of usage; there has been a clearly evident reduction in social interaction between people and a creeping idiocy has taken root. One can always find a group gathering where a handful of friends are sitting at a table, busily tapping away at their smart phone while one lone soul looks at each one of them, hoping to strike a conversation.  It is time to wake up people, please dispose of your phones and gadgets for a day and see what you can achieve; you’d be amazed by the results!


Karachi, November 18.