Broadcast media is deviating from its standard role in Pakistan. Watching the everyday normal talk shows and News on international channels such as BBC, CNN, ABC News and Fox News we can see that there are no politicians or ministers invited to air their personal or party views; instead they invite relevant people from the departments who can give a clear picture of the facts. They tend to find the root causes of the problem, consequences of problems and the best solutions to these problems according to their own personal experience. They always talk about issues faced by common people and how to resolve them rather than spinning fairy tales as our politicians do.

Pakistani media is dominated by politicians who start their conversation with a bundle of lies and accusations for the opposition parties and high accolades for themselves. No one believes them or even wants to listen to them; there may be some sensationalism in it for the poor, when mudslinging goes on, but nothing else. Then we have another breed of journalists called the anchors who have made a name in the media circles. They are, as they say, a class apart.

We need to change the trend in Pakistan and educate our public by bringing specialists on the subjects who can give us solutions to our problems. Relevant people from all the fields should be invited to get to the core of the problem. Though our media has gained power it needs to cleanse its ranks as well as try to bring hope to the people instead of just sensation.


Hayatabad, November 25.