Nowadays street crime has become very common and usually occurs in busy business areas or streets. These include pick pocketing, mobile snatching, wallet snatching, and auto snatching at gun point, target killing, purse snatching from women. These crimes affect our neighborhood and our society they also contribute to the destruction of our society. Every individual has a story to tell of how they were harassed by a criminal. The police usually takes no action against these thieves and it has become a common menace for the citizens as no one’s life or property is safe.

The major causes that are evident are unemployment, illiteracy, poverty but there are some other factors such as lawlessness, fundamentalism in the society as well as a non-functional police which is busy in looking out for their own good. The government needs to take serious steps to control street crimes. Sincere efforts are needed to grapple with unemployment problem. But the police authorities need to be more alert in safeguarding citizens’ life and property. Criminals should be brought to hard handed justice. That is the only solution.


Karachi, December 10.