ISLAMABAD  - Minister of State for Housing & Works Barrister Usman Ibrahim has ordered to recover all official vehicles from officials/officers in the ministry and attached departments, who are not entitled to use the official vehicles.

The minister observed that most of the officers, who are not entitled under the staff car rules, have been using the official vehicles of the ministry and attached departments including PakPWD, Estate Office, NCL, said a press release issued here on Thursday.

The minister directed these departments like Pakistan Housing Authority (PHA), Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation (FGEHF) that all such vehicles may immediately be returned and parked in the office premises of the ministry and respective attached departments.

He further directed that officers would return the official vehicles to transport officers of the respective offices along with the amount of POL charges incurred during the unauthorized period of use.

He also noticed that there are some un-authorized officers who are using more than one vehicles and whole fuel and maintenance bills are sent to the ministry and respective departments. The minister directed the concerned officials to submit a detailed report of each vehicle along with its POL charges and recovery date within three days.

The minister stated that malpractices have caused great financial loss to the ministry, so no excuse will be accepted from anyone regarding keeping the vehicle in his use.