Reuters-A Norwegian comedy duo and South Korean rap music sensation PSY topped a list of hit videos shared at Google-owned YouTube this year. YouTube’s annual “Rewind” collection of online videos that won the most attention at the website was headed by Ylvis musically wondering what “The Fox” might say.

Fox outfits also wound up the most searched-for Halloween costumes this year, according to Google. The video had logged more than 277 million views as of Wednesday. Topping the YouTube music video list was PSY’s “Gentleman,” watched nearly 600 million times. “While each annual list is unpredictable, trending videos just get bigger each year,” YouTube head of culture and trends Kevin Allocca said in a blog post.

“And with 80 percent of all views on YouTube coming from outside the US, the global community is driving pop culture unlike ever before.” Norwegian comedy video ‘The Fox’ tops YouTube 2013 chart.

On the other side, a zany Norwegian music video originally intended as a joke was the most popular video of the year on YouTube, the website revealed Wednesday. Since its release on September 3 the clip — featuring people in animal costumes dancing in a forest to the refrain “What does the fox say?” - had more than 276 million views on YouTube, the site said.