International Human Rights Day was observed across the world with great fervor on Dec 10. The principal objective to mark the day is to protect the basic human rights the world over and to promote a violence-free environment for people to live a better life. Every year on this date, the UN also rewards the UN Human Rights Award to activists around the world to attribute their struggle for human rights. Malala Yousufzai from Pakistani was amongst the people who received this award.

It was observed recently that the number of countries posing a threat to the basic human rights against its own people has risen gradually in the last five years. We as a nation are low on the scale as problems such as child labor, violence against women, issues of missing persons and exploitation of labourers persist.  The fundamentals for protecting and promoting human rights are largely in place, but due to lack of political will, we have been facing failure continuously to prevent atrocities against humans. There is need for more focused efforts to control and prevent the human rights violations in Pakistan. The authorities concerned should do their utmost to safeguard the basic rights of people otherwise Pakistan may figure on the top of the list of countries with appalling human rights violation.


Lahore, December 11.