PARIS - Drones are about to have a big impact on our lives, even if they will not be delivering our orders from Amazon any time soon, say experts. Civilian drones began to make headlines in 2014, and hype aside, could soon be in everyday use, particularly in France and the United States, which are at the cutting edge of the technology. This developing sector is set to explode worldwide as the regulators begin to catch up with the technology, said Emmanuel de Maistre, boss of Redbird, a French start-up which makes drones for industry. Drones have up until now been mostly confined to the military, but are now being used more and more in civilian roles that go far beyond simple reconnaissance. Light, adjustable and easy to operate, they often bring better results than traditional means such as helicopters, light aircraft and satellites, and could “help us produce more and better, and in certain cases, more cheaply,” according to France’s Air & Space Academy (AAE).