ISLAMABAD - National Response Centre for Cyber Crime (NR3C) of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has launched an extensive cyber crime awareness campaign mainly to focus the Pakistani youth.

In this activity, senior officers of NR3C are visiting various educational institutions to select and train students as the ‘Cyber Scouts’. The motto of Cyber Scouts is “Become Cyber Wise, Prevent Cyber Crime”. During the most recent visit to International Grammar School and College (IGSC), twenty Cyber Scouts were trained to identify cyber crime activities and understand the risks associated with virtual socialisation. They were imparted training to promote Cyber safety knowledge in their surroundings, an official statement issued by the NR3C said.

The NR3C has introduced the innovative idea to appoint Cyber Scout teams from different schools to create cyber awareness among the fellow students, teachers, parents and the society. This campaign encompasses to promote cyber safe methods and techniques among the Cyber Scouts ranging from class grade 7 to 10 through initiatives such as trainings, seminars, and workshops. “Cyber Wise Guide - NR3C” will also be provided to schools, parents, teachers and the Cyber Scouts, which will detail the general cyber awareness tips and precautionary measures helpful in prevention of cyber crime.

The Cyber Crime Awareness Campaign launched by NR3C has embarked yet another endeavour to curb cyber crime in Pakistan.