California  (BFT): Shailene Woodley has revealed how she ‘chased’ after the lead role in The Fault In Our Stars. The golden Globe-nominated actress pleaded with director Josh Boone for the chance to audition for the part of cancer sufferer Hazel Grace Lancaster in the big-screen adaptation of John Green’s novel, even after he told her she was too old.  ‘I chased this project. I was so moved by it so when the director Josh Boone became attached, I asked him to audition and he told me I was too old for Hazel,’ she said. ‘I basically begged him and he flew to Chicago, where I was shooting Divergent, with the casting director and we had dinner.

He said it was a lovely dinner, but that he still thought I was too old to play this character, and I said, ‘I respect you and I love that you have a strong vision for her, but please just let me audition’.’ But her persistence paid off: ‘I auditioned the next day and I guess, without make-up, I looked young enough to do what he wanted.’ Shailene said it was her choice to wear the cannula throughout the film, and shun the make-up. ‘ It didn’t bother me. It was important to me that we did have it in every scene, because you don’t often see that in movies,’ she explained.