SEOUL - The former Korean Air Lines executive who delayed a flight because she was unhappy with the way she was served macadamia nuts apologised on Friday over the incident, which fuelled outrage and ridicule in South Korea.

Heather Cho, the daughter of the airline’s chairman and head of in-flight service before she stepped down from the post this week, also said she would apologise to the cabin crew chief, who had been ordered to disembark, delaying the flight.

“I will apologise sincerely... in person,” Cho said in response to a question by a reporter as she arrived at a transportation ministry office where she was expected to answer questions about last Friday’s incident at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Dressed in black, Cho, 40, emerged from a black Hyundai sedan at a building near Gimpo International Airport. She stood before cameras but looked towards the ground as snow fell, her voice barely audible. “I sincerely apologise for causing trouble for everyone. I’m sorry,” she said.