Karachi - Stocks Friday witnessed another bearish session on cautious activity after PTI call to close Karachi city amid protests demanding election audit by judicial commission.

Oil stocks battered on WTI crude oil breaking below $59 for the first time since 2009. Profit taking witnessed in energy stocks after Govt slashed power tariff by Rs 2.32 per unit owing to sliding oil prices, market analyst said.  Institutional support in cement stocks on improved margins owing to falling coal & furnace oil prices and textile stocks ahead of new Textile Policy due later this month supported the index to close above session lows. The bench mark KSE-100 Index shaved off 198.93 points or 0.60 percent and settled at end of day at 31589.29 points.

The KSE-All shares fall by 146.93 points and closed at trading day end at 22890.13 points, KSE-30 Index deceased by 148.68 points and concluded at 20541.30 points while its junior KMI-30 Index dropped by 199.89 and closed at 50699.85 points. Higher and low were 31779.75 and 31543.29 respectively. Volume traded in the market was 246,596,229 and in term of value it was 13,957,940,381. The total traded companies were 347 out of which 158 were advanced, 161 were in decline while 28 were remained unchanged. The cement sector was in higher volume as Power Cement Ltd was the volume leader with volume 12,541,000 with per share price 7.13 (0.47), Pioneer Cement with volume 12,129,500 and per share price 79.11 (0.22) while Pak Electron with volume 12,028,500 with per share price 39.22 (1.69) was at number three. Colgate Palmolive with price per share 1865.43 (88.83), Sanofi-Aventis with price per share of 883.50 (39.30) and Fazal Textile with price per share of 881.00 (20.80) were among three advancers. While Unilever FoodsXD with price per share of 8111.00 (-219.00), Exide (PAK) with price per share of 2233.33 (-116.55) and Service Ind. Ltd with per share of 976.12 (-41.88) were three decliners.